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Right Cover Image: Porous ceramics are playing an increasingly important role as high-temperature filters, catalyst supports, electrodes for batteries and fuel cells, and biomedical scaffolds. Shown here is porous silicon oxycarbide prepared in Professor Katherine Faber's laboratory by freeze casting a solution of a siloxane preceramic polymer with cyclohexane. By imposing a temperature gradient across the solution, phase separation ensues prior to cyclohexane directional freezing; the remaining polymer is compacted between the growing cyclohexane dendrites. The cyclohexane, now a sacrificial template, is removed via sublimation, and the polymer is pyrolyzed to produce a robust ceramic with pores the size and morphology of the cyclohexane dendrites that appear as dark X-shapes in the image. The image was taken using scanning electron microscopy perpendicular to the dendrite growth direction; pore sizes are approximately 20 micrometers.

Left Cover Image: This porous aluminum oxide was prepared in Professor Katherine Faber's laboratory by freeze casting aluminum oxide powder suspended in water. By imposing a temperature gradient across the slurry, water freezes, ejecting ceramic particles at the freezing front, where they are compacted between the freezing ice crystals. In contrast to the siloxane/cyclohexane described above, ice solidifies as lamellae, resulting in porous layers, rather than dendrites, which provide for easy flow. The image was taken perpendicular to the freezing direction using scanning electron microscopy; lamellar spacing is approximately 150 micrometers.


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